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gong bath sound healing totnes

There are a few different ways to benefit from Sound healing with the Gongs at The Yoki Tree.

The most popular would be to attend either of the two Friday monthly group Gong Baths in the center of Totnes.

Friday night Gong Baths:

The 1st and the 3rd Friday of each month.

A Gong bath suitable for both first timers and seasoned Gong-goers alike.

Start by pulling a Oracle card or two, Reiki from a Reiki master used throughout the Gong Bath for those that choose, then enjoy the jorney of sound & healing vibrations from hearing from Gongs including the large hand made 38" Symphonic Gong whos name is Ul (Pronounced 'Yule')

Both Gong Baths are lovely evenings to attend alone or with friends.

Let  the Gongs will take you on a cosmic  journey of sound and vibration.

From feeling so relaxed participants fall blissfully asleep (don't worry the vibrations still 'work') to experiencing deep profound changes either in the body or the mind Gong goers describe their experience as 'wonderful' and 'amazing'



The studio door will be locked at the start of the session at 7:30pm

This is firstly to protect your belongings whilst you are enjoying the session, but also to offer a safe space for you  to relax and settle into.

I simply cannot accept lateness -  this would be incredibly disruptive and therefore unfair for the rest group. 

Gong bath meditations / experiences are not suitable for those under the influence of drugs or alcohol - You will not be granted entrance if you are under the influence. 

For newbies their is a short form to fill out upon arrival. Please allow enough time to do this

You are most welcome to arrive 5-10 minutes if that is helpful.

Private Hire 

Lastly you might simply prefer the Gongs to come directly to you!

I offer private hire Gong baths.

This is perfect for pop up wellness events, retreats, wellness inspired hen parties unique holiday let experiences, birthday gifts and more....

Bringing  4 Gongs (including the large symphonic) 

1 Hr £150

Cost includes local travel & set up times

Olivia is a registered student with the college of sound healing.

She is currently partaking in the year long Gong practitioners course under the highly respected  Gong player Shelia Whittikar, and in July this year will join the very well know and world renowned Gran Gong masters Don Conreaux and Aidan McInyre at the Gong Master training.







Do I need to prepare before a Gong Bath?

There is no official preparation needed to enjoy a Gong bath, but I would strongly advise against eating a large meal 2 hours prior to the event (just like attending a regular Yoga class)

Simply put we want to relax and rest rather than our body be focused on digestion 

Light meals, and or snacks are fine.

No Drugs or alcohol prior to the sound bath.


What should I wear?

Whilst the heating in the studio will be on if needed , there is nothing worse than a beautiful experience being ruined by feeling too cold, or uncomfy!

We tend to drop a few degrees when lying still, so I absolutely urge you to dress for warmth and comfort.

Better to be in removable layers than feeling the cold.

What should I bring to a group Gong bath?

Its my strong suggestion that you bring your 'comfort paraphernalia' along for the ride.

There actually something quiet important in the ritual of getting ready for a mediation - Spending some time deciding what to bring - It sends a clear message to our busy brains that we are getting ready to relax and down regulate, so with that in mind bring your....

Blankets? hot water bottle? (we have a kettle in the studio kitchen- just make sure to arrive 10 mins early) extra yoga mat for more comfort? cozy socks? favorite pillow?

Really anything and everything  you think will assist you getting comfortable, staying snugly and warm and will help you relax down on your yoga mat. 

1 Yoga mat and eye bag provided

NB If you are unable to bring your own comfort items for whatever reason, don't worry, we have a few spare blankets / bolsters that you may borrow.

How loud will the  Gong Bath be?

When it comes to sound baths volume  and especially a Gong bath 'more' isn't necessarily 'better'


Different Gongs will of course have different maximum volumes but its highly unlikely a practitioner will ever be striking the Gong at its highest volume, the Gongs are incredibly powerful and  simply put extremely high volumes are unnecessary.  

That being said there will be times during the Gong bath where the sound will be brought up - to a point.

The louder parts of the Sound bath being held for much shorter periods

The main sounds during the gong bath will be between 60 -85 dB With short interludes rising to around 85-87dB 

We must remember though that unlike synthetic machine made sound - the Sounds from a well made hand made Gong are referred to as 'Pure Sounds'

To give you a reference point of  sound:

30db Whisper

60db  Normal Conversation

70db  Washing machine / City traffic 

80db  Noisy restaurant

90db   Petrol Leaf Blower / Hairdryer

100db  Helicopter

125db Pneumatic Drill

Are there any contraindication for a Gong bath?

Individuals who are experiencing the following should most likely not attend a Gong Bath:

-Mental health issues / panic disorder which you feel could be triggered by unfamiliar and or louder noises
-1st trimester of pregnancy
-Individuals who have had a pacemaker fitted

-Broken bones within the last 4-6 weeks 

-Severe Osteoporosis


Those who have never attended a sound bath and who experience Tinnitus, please call before booking to ascertain whether the Sound bath would be a suitable choice. 07793127665


Cancellations and refunds / dates changes for the Gong Bath can be made up to 24 hours before the event 


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