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"To snore or not to snore" And other extraneous sounds in the Gong bath

It's generally best to avoid snoring during a gong bath to maintain a peaceful atmosphere for everyone.

There you go, that's the simple answer to that question, but of course, this topic is far from simple, because in reality, every gong bath will see, at least two, possibly even many more individuals snoring, and I couldn't guarantee you that if I was at a Gong Bath I wouldn't also be one of those people.

Because here's the thing when we humans relax snoring is a common byproduct of that!

And what this post is not looking to do is talk about the reasons why people snore we're just looking at the simple fact that it's a common side-effect of lying down and relaxing

Because this can be quite a controversial topic, I was interested to see what other professional Gongplayer is thought so I took this question to them at one of our dinners during some training and I was surprised to see a number of different responses around the table!

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