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Im Olivia from The Yoki Tree

Every business has a beginning, a reason for coming into existence and I'd like to share mine.

Growing up I remember hearing the expression "health is wealth" but as a child  I didn't  understand it, it seemed an almost silly thing to say. I now know though it is in fact possibly one of the most accurate statements about our human experience.

After the birth of my beautiful girls I was unwell, it was awful, and this lack of wellness went on for three to four years; there seemed to be no help, no diagnosis; just debilitating daily symptoms that made it difficult, and at times impossible, for me to be the person I wanted to be.

Crucially it stopped me being the parent I wanted to be.

It took a lot to be the well person I am today, and part of my wellness has been understanding my nureodivergence (learning to understand and create space for myself in the world as an ADHD'er who is also a 'Dyslexic Syntheses' with a highly sensitive nervous system)

What my journey of ill health has left me with though, is a profound awareness of just how difficult, or maybe even impossible it is, to live your life to your  fullest potential when you just simply don't feel that great.

From that personal struggle I now feel passionately about supporting those around me and in the wider community on their own journey towards feeling better, whether thats simply to feel more relaxed in your everyday, or perhaps tackling more long standing imbalances.


Being human is incredible, but its also challenging!

We all have different story's that have lead us to where we are today,

but how can we support and empower ourselves to feel better!

I want us all to have the chance to achieve our own version of great health.

We usually think about 'good health' in the physical sense, but of course our health and wellness is totally interconnected, a mind, body and  spirit experience!

The Yoki Tree channels Reiki energy, alongside Restorative & Yin Yoga and Sound Therapy in a manner that not only supports the individual, but also aims to empower the self-healing of that individual.

Qualifications & Training:

200Hr Hatha / Vinyassa YTT

Senior Yoga Teacher Rachel Parks

Yoga Alliance International

50 Hr Yin Yoga YTT

Yoga Alliance International 

Gong Training

Introductory level 

Sheila Whittikar Gong-Master  


Full Gong practitioner Certification

College of Sound Healing

Sheila Whittikar Gong-Master  


'Internationally renowned' 

Gong-Master Certification

Grand Gong-Master

Don Conreaux

Grand Gong-Master

Aidan McInyre


Certified Reiki Master

(Usuri tradition of natural healing)

First degree 

Veronica Friend -January 2021

Second degree 

Veronica Friend -April 2022

Third degree 

Veronica Friend - January 2023


Alongside these official qualification Olivia is constantly reading, listening, watching and learning to  continue on her own journey of self and spiritual discovery.

Ready to feel better?

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