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beginner yoga totnes
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Restorative yin yoga totnes

Think 'slow & low'  Yoga sequenced to start with easy gentle Yin poses moving towards even longer held  Restorative poses. Carefully  programmed music, a sprinkling of calming breath work, interludes from the healing sounds of the Gong and the handmade singing bowls throughout. All this whilst each receiving one to one Reiki 'boosts' from the  qualified Reiki Master.

Life is full on right?! Our modern lives becoming ever more complex. Sometimes we’re just so busy? stressed? anxious? (All of the above?) We’re racing along to the next thing and the next or we are stuck ruminating on whats been......


We come to Restorative yoga to give a little back to ourselves, to take a little time to send a message to ourselves that we do care about us, and we do care about feeling good.

Let’s take a tiny pause, relax, and feel a little more grounded.

There’s no flexibility contest here, no sweat, just an opportunity to taste a little stillness, to hold the Yoga poses a bit longer and maybe find that point in our deep fascia where all that built up tension likes to hide and then we can…… exhale, and…… release...

You can expect most of our postures to be done lying on our mats, and an extra-long Savasana (the lying down bit) at the end 

Wear what’s comfortable to you, Everything else is provided.

Students are given the option to each receive 1-1  Reiki from the (Qualified) teacher during the class. Reiki in the class is always given 'Hands off' there is no touch.

Because Reiki is only ever given with consent, students are given the choice at the start of class as to whether they want to participate in this aspect on the day.

Sunday  Restorative Mornings

£12 Per class.

Book in as you need - no class plan commitment!

Tuesday mornings online Yin Yoga

£8 per class.

Book in as you need - no class plan commitment!


What others have said....

"Olivia's classes have offered me the space to relax my mind and body. I feel safe in the space to reconnect and go within in an ambiance set with beautiful sounds that feel healing. Olivia's gift is her ability to enable her small intimate classes to bask in 75 mins suspension of the outside world and focus on the experience of letting go. She uses her intuition,her care and commitment to create a harmonious setting so we can all tune in. I'm so grateful to be able to attend on such a regular basis"

Jayne, Totnes 

"Olivia's weekly yoga class is an absolute must for me, I cannot recommend it highly enough. One of the most important and enjoyable things in my life." 

Sian, Totnes


"Wow, simply wow! I was really nervous beforehand as i had never done Restorative Yoga before, but Olivia put me at ease straight away. Everyone in the group was so lovely too I felt at peace afterwards and my mind was finally clear. Thoroughly recommend!"

Katy, Falmouth

Please note...

The studio front door will be locked at 10:30am

This is firstly to protect your belongings whilst you are enjoying the class, but also to offer a safe space for you  to relax and settle into.

I simply cannot accept late students -  this would be incredibly disruptive and therefore unfair for the rest class. 

Whilst lateness may or may not pose an issue for a movement based Yoga class, the energy set inside Restorative practice is a little different, the calmer, quieter flow means that small disruptions are likely to be felt by others.

You are most welcome to arrive 5-10 minutes if that is helpful.

Warmest wishes 

Olivia Carter

200Hr RYT 

50 Hr Yin RYT




If the class is showing as full and you'd still like to join us, send  a message on 07793127665  to be added to the wait list. 


Cancellation for the Restorative Yoga can be made up to 24 hours before class start time.

Please expect the refund to include the payment companies handling fee.

Due to Olivia attending the Gong practitioners at the College of Sound healing and also Don Conreaux's Gong Masters in summer there will be no classes run on the following dates in 2024:

Sunday 8th June

Sunday 18th June

Sunday 23rd June

Sunday 28th July

Sunday 4th August

Sunday 13th October

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Gongs & Sound Bathing

Restorative & Yin Yoga 

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