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Online Yin class & Reiki treatments

You will joining the online yoga class via zoom, from the comfort of your own home.


For Reiki appointments you will be coming to the treatment room at my home in Bridgetown. Address to follow booking

For the Yin yoga class find a space to unroll your mat, grab some make shift props (see FAQ for further advice one what to have handy) and ready for some wonderful calming fascia release!

Don't worry if there background noise in your house, as your zoom will  be on mute during your session.

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Group Gong Bath & Restorative yoga class

Restorative yoga class & Group Gong bath

If your booked onto the Restorative Yoga class  or one of the Friday evening Gong baths you'll coming to the beautiful Move forward  the Studio space on Totnes High Street

Move Forward Wellness Studio

16 High Street



The wellness studio is on  the main high street, opposite St Marys church, just above Coffee#1

Come in through the heavy  black door and up the stairs.

(Parking on the main high Street is free on Sundays)

For first timers there is a short form to complete - please allow enough time


Yoga class doors are locked at 10:30am

Gong Bath doors locked at 7:30pm

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