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Cancellation policy

What is the cancellation policy?

To receive a refund (minus the website's handling fee) or to change your Yoga class or Gong Bath to another date please email or text 24hrs before the start time.


Gong baths

Do I need to prepare before a Gong Bath?

There is no official preparation needed to enjoy a Gong bath, but I would strongly advise against eating a large meal 2 hours prior to the event (just like attending a regular Yoga class)

Simply put we want to relax and rest rather than our body be focused on digestion 

Light meals, and or snacks are fine.

No Drugs or alcohol prior to the sound bath.

Why is Gong training important?

This is a great question, as sadly legally there is no requirement for a Gong practitioner to have had formal training (the same with Yoga teachers)

Of course anyone can buy a Gong, and a mallet and simply strike the Gongs! (and for personal practice I 100% encourage this!) However many people who have been previously put off the Gongs feel this way because they once attend a group event where the facilitator had no training and often has simply been loudly banging the Gongs

Gongs are powerful instruments, and so this approach can in some cause be very traumatic.

And at best it ruins that individuals future opportunity to receive the wonderful benefits of sound therapy

It is said that we don't ever master the Gong, the Gongs master us, and are sounding through us - there's a depth to that which  must be respected as a player.

What should I wear?

Whilst the heating in the studio will be on if needed, there is nothing worse than a beautiful experience being ruined by feeling too cold, or uncomfy!

We tend to drop a few degrees when lying still, so I absolutely urge you to dress for warmth and comfort.

Better to be in removable layers than feeling the cold.

What should I bring to a group Gong bath?

Its my strong suggestion that you bring your 'comfort paraphernalia' along for the ride.

There actually something quiet important in the ritual of getting ready for some time out!

Spending some time deciding what to bring sends a clear message to our busy brains that we are getting ready to relax and down regulate, so with that in mind bring your....

blankets? hot water bottle? (we have a kettle in the studio kitchen- just make sure to arrive 10 mins early) thicker yoga mat for more comfort? cozy socks? favorite pillow?

Really anything and everything  you think will assist you getting comfortable, staying snugly and warm and will help you relax down on your yoga mat. 

1 yoga mat and eye bag provided

NB If you are unable to bring your own comfort items for whatever reason, don't worry, we have a few spare blankets / bolsters that you may borrow.

How loud will the Gong Bath be?

When it comes to the volume in a sound bath (and especially one with powerful Gongs) 'more' isn't necessarily 'better'

Different Gongs will of course have different maximum volumes but a highly trained practitioner will never strike the Gong at its highest volume, the Gongs are incredibly powerful and  simply put extremely high volumes are unnecessary.  

Sadly this is often the reason people are put of by Gong baths!

That being said there will be times during the Gong bath where the sound will be brought up - to a point.

The louder parts of the Sound bath being held for much shorter periods

The main sounds during the gong bath will be between 60 -85 dB With short interludes rising to around 85-87dB 

We must remember though that unlike synthetic machine made sound - the Sounds from a well made hand made Gong are referred to as 'Pure Sounds'

To give you a reference point of  sound:

30db Whisper

60db  Normal Conversation

70db  Washing machine / City traffic 

80db  Noisy restaurant

90db   Petrol Leaf Blower / Hairdryer

100db  Helicopter

125db Pneumatic Drill

Are there any contraindication for a Gong bath?

Individuals who are experiencing the following should most likely not attend a Gong Bath:

-Mental health issues / panic disorder which you feel could be triggered by unfamiliar and or louder noises
-1st trimester of pregnancy
-Individuals who have had a pacemaker fitted

-Broken bones within the last 4-6 weeks 

-Severe Osteoporosis



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